About us

Bayonette is a gigabit broadband pioneer that provides leading network and cloud services to condominiums and cooperatives to any fiber optic network around the globe. By innovating in device manufacturing, network virtualization and fiber optics, Bayonette has set a new standard for delivering gigabit broadband to the residential market at an unparalleled low price. The company is owned by its employees and is headquartered in Oslo, Norway.


Our Vision

Bayonette’s vision is to be a broadband provider who wants to make a difference for others in their daily life and touch people with products and services they just cannot live without.


Our Mission and Background

The road to become the broadband pioneer Bayonette are today has been long and complicated. Not because it’s considered difficult to replicate and copy from everyone else, but rather forging your own path. Daring to challenge status quo by doing things a bit differently, daring to stand out from the crowd and at the same time trying to solve the very fundamental issues we truly believe is troubling the industry, customers and services today.

We have turned the world upside down after fantastic partners, excluded the middlemen and by doing so removed any costs we deemed unnecessary in today’s flat world – all because we wanted to offer our customers a better service at a lower cost. Our hunt for improvements have at times been on the boundaries of fanatic, where we always set our vendors to the test, and if the product we’re looking for doesn’t exist, it surely has to be made.

It’s not without reason that we have tailor made most of our products as we didn’t find the existing ones to be at our expectations. Commercial off-the-shelf used by most others in the industry carries the impression of being produced with tremendous cost effectiveness in mind, so the big incumbents shall save money, lots of money. We consider this to dramatically affect both throughput and stability, none of which we are willing to compromise on. We know our customers deserves something better.

And this is something we will keep on doing.


What This Means for You

We have called out for truly amazing designers to create a look and feel of our products that we hope most people will be able to accept. And to be honest, we realize that not everyone shares the same enthusiasm to have something foreign hanging on the wall in their newly renovated living room, with blinking lights in all directions. It is for that very reason have we put down a considerable amount of effort to create a nice and conservative exterior that doesn’t look like a fax machine from the 80’ies, nor like a spaceship taken out of a low budget Hollywood movie.

As we know, a nice wrapping by itself will not make the experience of the service any better, and unfortunately we have all had to restart our home router every once in a while, sometimes more often than others. This is not how it’s supposed to be. So we created our own router based on pure software in cooperation with some of the world’s most brilliant engineers, and these ones does not have to be in the customers home, anymore. We find it much more practical that our professional technicians takes care of that job in the right surroundings of a datacenter a few miles away. This way, the customer will get a much more stable internet connection.

But there’s more, because what would Internet be without a superb wireless coverage. This is one of the most important focus areas a broadband provider should have these days, and we’ve taken this task really serious. At gigabit levels, which are the new big trend comes even bigger challenges for the operators. It’s not supposed to be that only the enterprises gets the good stuff. Wireless networks in condominiums and co-operatives are usually a lot more complex because you have so many residents living close by, which generates a lot of radio interference. Home Wi-Fi routers used by today’s operators usually tries to solve their tasks locally, without having any knowledge of their neighboring counterparts. This doesn’t create a good experience for the customer. The throughput will go drastically down and the internet connection will behave much more unstable all the time the router tries to shield itself away from the interference generated from its surroundings.

We took this challenge and disassembled it into many problem areas, then put together a solution that we believe will make dramatic improvements for the entire apartment complex. To solve this, you will have to look at the whole apartment complex as a whole and optimize all apartments at the same time, multiple times per day. Some of this technology has been partially available in the enterprise market for a while, but would be prohibitively expensive due to the fact they were created to solve a different kind of problem. That is why we decided to create our own equipment to get the costs down and at the same time adapt it better to suit the purpose. Now we have a solution that works for our customers, rather against.

To be ahead you will have to optimize the customer’s equipment based on their surroundings, which has been important to us. In the end, it is our responsibility as the operator to make sure that they get a service that works, without them having to understand the underlying technology. It’s in this very area that operators will differentiate in the following years, besides prices and throughput.

With That Being Said..

We who work for Bayonette do not expect our customers to relate to a lot of technical gadgets and incomprehensible words. That would be our job to deal with on behalf of the customer, as invisible as we can. In fact, we wish nothing more than our customers not having to give us a single thought in their daily life what so ever, because then we would know our service does exactly as promised.


Contact: CEO Arve Paalsrud (arve@bayonette.no/ +47 91919195) of Bayonette AS.